Luxury brands thrive.
Even in a recession.
Here's how you can join them.

Loyal patients who gladly pay more are within reach,  and they're closer than you think.

Attracting upscale clientele isn't a matter of luck -
it's found in concrete strategy and proven luxury marketing tactics.

This book will show you precisely how to harness both.

What You'll  Learn...

With dozens of examples, templates and real-world data points, this book will help you forge ahead more effectively, confidently and intelligently. 

You'll discover exactly how to take your practice upmarket with a distinguished brand, premium procedures and treatments and marketing that turns head - namely, the heads of patients who return, refer, and readily spend more.

Here's just a glimpse of what you'll learn inside of Shockproof...
  • Why here and now is the perfect time to begin charging more (yes, really) - and precisely how to introduce premium procedure fees successfully
  • The exact vocabulary that entices upscale patients - and the words you're probably using in your marketing right now that repels them

  • At length, the must-haves and the method to creating a head-turning brand that conveys quality and prestige without being unapproachable

  • How to pinpoint your most profitable market segments and dramatically improve marketing conversion through the art of patient profiling
  • An extensive list of the specific offers and pricing models that the luxury consumer adores - and which commonly-used promotions diminish your brand and turn well-to-do patients off.
  • Which elevated marketing tactics to use for an influx of new patients now - and which to use over time to build a distinctive, luxury brand

  • A clear, easy-to-execute, and proven approach to finally plan your marketing the right way 

Upscale patients are waiting.
Are you ready to serve them?
Even more importantly,
will they choose your practice?*Copy%20of%20Copy%20of%20Visual%20Identity%202024%20(2)*png?alt=media&token=7bf28f97-41c3-49db-a198-e76afadfa4da
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